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Materials for ESNII demonstrators and prototypes

MYRRHA: lead-cooled fast irradiation facility ASTRID: sodium-cooled fast reactor ALFRED: lead-cooled fast reactor ALLEGRO: gas-cooled fast reactor Coordinated by Karl-Fredrik Nilsson, EC-JRC (EU)

The early ESNII (European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative) systems will rely on commercially available materials such as ferritic/martensitic steels, austenitic steels and Ni alloys that need to be qualified for the extreme conditions and a 60 years design life. A pre normative R&D programme for structural and clad materials has been initiated including: updating of Design Codes for high temperature applications; test and screening procedures for material properties in heavy-liquid alloys; assessment of protective coatings; and test programme to improve the understanding the environmental degradation mechanisms such as liquid metal embrittlement.

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Call for EERA JPNM Pilot Project Proposals

Thursday, 09:00
22nd EERA-JPNM Steering Committee Meeting
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