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JP Nuclear Materials - Our vision and values

Nuclear energy supplies secure and reliable electricity, as well as heat, with very limited CO2 footprint, at stable and comparably low prices. Two main issues remain to make it a fully sustainable energy source, namely remove accident and proliferation risks and reduce nuclear waste in quantity, hazard and lifespan. Full sustainability can be achieved by deploying nuclear reactors of fourth generation (GenIV), along with the necessary fuel cycle facilities to extract the reusable components of the fuel. These systems increase by almost two orders of magnitude the utilization of the fuel and equally reduce the radiotoxicity and lifetime of the waste.

The performance of nuclear reactor materials (especially structural and fuel) is essential for the development of sustainable nuclear energy. Materials in GenIV reactors will be exposed to higher temperatures and higher irradiation levels than today's light-water reactors. Fast reactors also use non-aqueous coolants, for which the full compatibility of materials needs to be guaranteed. The Vision of the EERA JPNM in this context is summarised in four Grand Challenges, to be addressed and resolved to take full advantage of the nuclear GenIV technology, with respect to safety, performance and cost, and to ensure deployment over the next decades:

Events & News

Thursday, 10:00
Open position at U. Lille: Professor of Metallurgy
Lille, France (CET)
Tuesday, 09:00
25th EERA JPNM Steering Committee Meeting
Budapest, Hungary
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