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INSPYRE will focus on the investigation of fast reactor MOX fuel to support the development and qualification of the fuels for the future generation of reactors. The project will:

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use carefully designed modelling and experimental investigations to accurately describe basic phenomena occurring in the fuel
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characterize precisely selected key irradiated fuel samples to fill identified knowledge gaps
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combine basic and technological research to enhance the reliability of empirical laws deduced in the past from irradiation tests
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implement the new models and data obtained in the fuel performance codes used for the design future reactors
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create opportunities for young scientists to acquire knowledge and experience the nuclear materials field and to exchange with experts

The objectives of INSPYRE will be achieved by a well-balanced consortium from universities, research and industrial organisations already collaborating in the EERA JPNM, further augmented by a dedicated user group stemming from ESNII representatives, utilities and fuel vendors.

INSPYRE is coordinated by Marjorie Bertolus, CEA (FR)


Wednesday, 09:00
INSPYRE Final International Workshop
Hotel InterContinental Hotel Dieu Marseille
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