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Membership application

How to become a member of the EERA-JPNM

In order to apply for the EERA JPNM membership you need to fill in an electronic application here:


Your application will be evaluated by the management board and, if relevant, submitted for approval to the steering committee.

If you apply as an associate member, the electronic application is sufficient for the steering committee to make its decision through a poll.

If you apply as a full member, after screening based on the electronic application, you will be requested to give a presentation in front of the steering committee, to show the features and assets of your organisation and explain what it can bring to the JPNM.

Unless you are already a member of EERA through a different JP, being accepted as member of the JPNM (or in general by at least one JP) is necessary (but not sufficient) condition to be accepted as a member of EERA. Once the JPNM steering committee accepts your organisation as a member of the JPNM, the office manager of EERA will contact you for further details.

You become officially member of EERA (and of the JPNM as previously approved by the steering committee) when:

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