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The 15th conference of Computer Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Solids (COSIRES)
(Delayed from 2020 due to the pandemic)
When: Sunday 22-05-2022 00:00 - Thursday 26-05-2022 00:00
Where: Porquerolles Island, France
Conference topics include, but are not limited to:
- Methods coupling experiment to simulation
- Long timescale simulations post irradiation
- Coarse graining of microstructure
- The brittle to ductile transition
- Irradiation induced electronic excitations
- Cascade formation and evolution
- Irradiation of amorphous materials
- Irradiation effects in multicomponent alloys


Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Jaime Marian, UCLA, USA
Michael Short, MIT, USA
Sergei Dudarev, CCFE, UK
Fabien Bruneval, SRMP, CEA Saclay
Danny Perez, Los Alamos National Lab.
Lucile Dézerald, IJL, France
Laurent Béland, Queen's U, Canada
Emmanuelle Marquis, U Michigan, USA
Christophe Domain, EDF, France
Andrea Sand, U Helsinki, Finland
Shijun Zhao, City University, Hong Kong
María José Caturla, U. Alicante, Spain

Tom Swinburne, Céline Varvenne (CNRS, CINaM)
Alexandra Goryaeva, Mihai-Cosmin Marinica (SRMP, CEA)

For further information, abstract submission, registration, etc, click on LINK below
Contact: Thomas Swinburne <>