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      ORIENT-NM Project Governance

Management Structure

Coordination Group

  • Project coordinator: Lorenzo Malerba, CIEMAT (ES)
  • Work Package 1 coordinator: Mariano Tarantino, ENEA (IT)
  • Work Package 2 co-coordinator: Marjorie Bertolus, CEA (FR)
  • Work Package 2 co-coordinator: Abderrahim Al Mazouzi, EDF (FR)
  • Work Package 3 co-coordinator: Petri Kinnunen, VTT (FI)
  • Work Package 3 co-coordinator: Ulla Ehrnsten, VTT (FI)
  • Work Package 4 coordinator: Angelika Bohnstedt, KIT (DE)
  • Work Package 5 coordinator: Maria Luisa Fernandez Vanoni, EERA (BE)

Governing Board

  • Pietro Agostini, ENEA (IT)
  • Danes Burket, CV Rez (CZ)
  • Leon Cizelj, SNETP (BE)
  • Daniela Diaconu, RATEN-INR (RO)
  • Adel El Gammal, EERA (BE)
  • Concetta Fazio, EC-JRC (EU)
  • Ralph Hania, NRG (NL)
  • Valérie L'Hostis, CEA (FR)
  • Eric Molinié, EDF (FR)
  • Tommi Nyman, VTT (FI)
  • Pär Olsson, KTH (SE)
  • José Manuel Pérez, CIEMAT (ES)
  • Walter Tromm, KIT (DE)
  • Sven Van den Berghe, SCK-CEN (BE)
  • Michal Wójtowicz, NCBJ (PL)


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31 May 2022 14:00