Generation IV reactors fuel cycle

First INSPYRE school


13-17 May, 2019, Delft - The Netherlands


The  first  school of the  INSPYRE project, focused  on the  Generation  IV reactors  fuel  cycle,  was organised jointly with the GENIORS project (GEN IV integrated oxide fuels recycling strategies) from May 13th to 17th, 2019  at the  Delft  University  of  Technology  in  the city  of  Delft (The Netherlands).

The  school,  designed   for   graduate   students,   young   scientists   and   professionals,    gave   a comprehensive overview of the nuclear fuel cycle for next generation nuclear reactors. It covered key aspects of  chemistry, physics and  materials science involved at each  stage of the fuel cycle,  with a particular focus on the challenges of oxide fuels. 36 participants attended the school, and 25 speakers gave lectures in their respective domains of expertise.



The courses and tutorials included Generation IV systems  and closed  fuel cycles, fuel  manufacturing and  qualification,  detailed  fuel  characterization,  in-reactor  behaviour,  multiscale  modelling,  fuel performance codes, fuel reprocessing and recycling. In addition, the participants visited the reactor and experimental halls of the Reactor Institute Delft (RID)


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