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Knowledge transfer to fuel performance codes

Coordinated by Lelio Luzzi, POLIMI (IT)

The objective of WP7 is to transfer the knowledge acquired in the project from the combination of basic and technological research to an engineering and industrial scale by implementing them in fuel performance codes (FPC) and applying these codes to ESNII relevant conditions. This transfer will induce an improvement of fuel performance codes in terms of reliability, accuracy and applicability, i.e. in their capabilities for the design and safety‐assessment of the ESNII prototypes. The case selection for validation, benchmarking and application purposes is assigned to a task force made of members from each institution participating to WP7. This task force is also responsible for the technical exchanges with and dissemin‐ ation to the user group. This WP deals with the fuel pin performance analysis and therefore also constitutes the link of INSPYRE with other JPNM and ESNII projects focusing on cladding and internals, as well as with other international organisations.


Sunday, 18:00
European School on Nuclear Materials Science 2020
IESC, Cargese, Corsica, France
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