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INSPYRE is composed of 7 technical work packages.

The pinnacle is WP7, which implements new models and data in the codes, benchmarks and validates them for application under conditions relevant to the ESNII prototypes.

It is directly supported by WP5 and 6. The latter focuses on the improved models to extend the reliability regime of empirical laws using results obtained in INSPYRE and in other projects. The former combines separate effects, basic research and advanced PIE studies to underpin mechanisms of fast reactor fuel behaviour.

Finally, four WPs (WP1-4) underpin the programme by tackling operational issues: Margin to fuel melting, atom transport and fission product behaviour, evolution of mechanical properties under irradiation, fuel thermochemistry and fuel interaction with the cladding. This is achieved via basic research investigations combining separate effect experiments, characterization of neutron-irradiated fuels, multiscale modelling and thermodynamic modelling.

The project also includes 3 work packages focusing on


Sunday, 18:00
European School on Nuclear Materials Science 2020
IESC, Cargese, Corsica, France
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