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National Conference in Materials Science (Congreso Nacional de Materiales, CNMAT 2018)
Symposium on Advanced Characterization of Materials
When: Wednesday 04-07-2018 00:00 - Friday 06-07-2018 00:00
Where: Salamanca, Spain

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:


(1) Dislocations, deformation twins, and stress induced phase transformations

(2) Microstructural observations using in situ techniques across length scales.

(2) All advanced X-Ray-based techniques.

(3) All advanced electron-based microscopy techniques, bot ex-situ and in-situ.

(4) All structural and functional materials systems.

(5) Advances in material modeling through the use of advanced characterization techniques.

(6) Micro and nanomechanical characterization.

(7) Development of instruments and experimental methodology for in situ techniques and/or testing at non-ambient conditions.

(8) Industrial applications.

Contact: Marta Serrano, marta.serrano@ciemat.es