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Project GEMMA kick-off meeting
Kick-off meeting of the JPNM Project  GEMMA – Generation IV Materials Maturity
When: Wednesday 21-06-2017 08:30 - Thursday 22-06-2017 14:30
Where: ENEA Headquarter, Rome

GEMMA (GEneration IV Materials MAturity) addresses the action NFRP5 of the Work-Programme 2016-17: "Materials research for Generation-IV reactors".

 Its scope is the investigation of areas where further research and innovation is needed to reach technological maturity concerning materials, for the construction of the GenIV fast reactor concepts considered in the EU. This scope is coherent with the general goal of the Euratom H2020 Work-Programmes for fission research, which includes the enhancement of the  "safety and performance record of nuclear energy production technology in Europe, contributing to the development of safe and publicly acceptable solutions for the management of radioactive waste", with special emphasis on the "long-term security of energy supply at EU level with topics on the possible optimisation of the use of resources through further investigation of the safety and feasibility of Generation-IV reactors and closed fuel cycle options".

GEMMA addresses explicitly and directly key issues concerning materials for GenIV fast reactor systems that are planned to be built in Europe under the umbrella of ESNII.

 The progress made in terms of data, knowledge and design correlations will enable a more cost and time effective development and licensing of the ESNII systems.

GenIV systems are at the core of a sustainable energy production reducing drastically the need for raw materials and the amount of waste and enabling security of supply.

Presentations available selecting the link below (access granted only to registered users belonging to GEMMA partners)

Contact: silvia.degrandis@sintec-nt.it, pietro.agostini@enea.it