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8th N-FAME Workshop
8th edition of the Nuclear Fe-Alloys: Modelling and Experiments (N-FAME) Workshop, and 26th edition of the Fe-Cr Workshop (workshop on multiscale modelling and basic experiments on Fe-Cr alloys for nuclear applications), devoted to share and discuss results on modelling and modelling-oriented experiments in Fe alloys for nuclear applications. Organised in the framework of the SP4 of the EERA-JPNM. Open to anyone who wishes to attend and participate.
When: Monday 13-06-2016 11:00 - Tuesday 14-06-2016 17:30
Where: SCK-CEN Headquarters (registered office), Av. Hermann-Debroux 40, Brussels
Presentations available on the link below (only to Sub-Programme 4 contributors)
Contact:  lmalerba@sckcen.be; cristelle.pareige@univ-rouen.fr
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