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NEA International Workshop on Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems

Materials research is a field of growing relevance for innovative nuclear systems, such as Generation IV reactors, critical and sub-critical transmutation systems and fusion devices. For these different systems, structural materials are selected or developed taking into account the specificities of their foreseen operational environment. However, material development projects require both cross-cutting research programmes and advanced experimental/simulation facilities so as to characterise and evaluate the performance of the selected materials.

This purpose of this workshop is to stimulate an exchange of information on current materials research programmes for different innovative nuclear systems with a view to identifying and developing potential synergies.


The workshop will cover fundamental studies, modelling and experiments on innovative structural materials including cladding materials for the range of advanced nuclear systems such as thermal/fast systems, sub-critical systems, as well as fusion systems.

Five topics are suggested:

  1. Fundamental studies
  2. Metal Alloys
  3. Ceramic and Ceramic Composites
  4. Advanced Materials and Processing/Joining
  5. Ion vs. neutron irradiation
When: Monday 11-07-2016 00:00 - Thursday 14-07-2016 00:00
Where: University of Manchester
Participants willing to give a presentation should submit an abstract by 15 November 2015
Contact: Jane DEAKIN (jane.deakin@manchester.ac.uk) 
           Grace BURKE (wpfc-secretariat@oecd-nea.org)