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MatISSE/JPNM workshop on cross-cutting issues in structural materials R&D for future energy systems
Please SAVE THE DATES for the MatISSE workshop to be held on 25, 26 November 2015 in Petten, The Netherlands
When: Wednesday 25-11-2015 09:00 - Thursday 26-11-2015 15:00
Where: Institute for Energy and Transport, Petten, The Netherlands
Structural and functional materials are key for the development & implementation of low-carbon, clean, efficient and reliable energy technologies. Although different energy systems such as renewables (wind, photovoltaics, etc), nuclear and "clean" fossil technologies, have different challenges, there are also many cross-cutting issues and needs.
The purpose of this Workshop, organised within the EU-FP7 project MaTISSE, is to discuss the status of structural materials R&D for future energy systems and particularly to identify common topics and sharing knowledge between different technologies.

This two-day Workshop will address four cross-cutting issues:
• High temperature applications:
    - Steels and metallic alloys
    - Ceramics
• Compatibility with liquid metals
• Design Codes
• Advanced steels: development and manufacturing.

Please follow the LINK below to view Workshop presentations (access allowed only to registered users)

Contact: Karl-Fredrik Nilsson (karl-fredrik.nilsson@ec.europa.eu), and Patricia Ho-Hune ( patricia.hohune@lgi-consulting.com)