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European School on Nuclear Materials Science 2020
The “European School on Nuclear Materials Science” 2020 (ESNMS), co-organised by the Horizon 2020 European projects INSPYRE, GEMMA, M4F and IL TROVATORE under the auspices of the Joint Program on Nuclear Materials, took place online from November 9th to 13th

The school covered the main experimental characterization techniques and multiscale modelling methods used for the study of nuclear materials. It consisted of 17 courses on techniques and methods and 6 case studies on the contribution of materials science to the study of various issues concerning the behaviour of nuclear fuels, as well as metallic and ceramic structural materials of fission and fusion reactors. The ESNMS brought together 45 participants from all over Europe, mostly doctoral students, but also master's students, post-docs and a few permanent researchers, supervised by 18 lecturers from the co-organizing projects. In order to increase student interactions and active participation, participants worked in groups on the case studies and presented the results of their work in front of their fellow students.

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School participants
When: Monday 09-11-2020 08:00 - Friday 13-11-2020 17:00
Where: Online
Organising committee
Pär Olsson, KTH, Sweden
Marjorie Bertolus, CEA/DEN, France
Anna Smith, TU Delft, Netherlands
Massimo Angiolini, ENEA, Italy
Gianclaudio Ferro, ENEA, Italy
Silvia De Grandis, SINTEC, Italy
Scientific committee
Marjorie Bertolus, Coordinator INSPYRE, CEA/DEN, France
Pietro Agostini, Coordinator GEMMA, ENEA, Italy
Lorenzo Malerba, Coordinator M4F and Chairman of EERA-JPNM, CIEMAT, Spain
Konstantza Lambrinou, Coordinator IL TROVATORE, SCK.CEN, Belgium
Contact: europeanschool2020@eera-jpnm.eu 

Events & News

Wednesday, 09:00
20th EERA JPNM Steering Committee meeting
Webex online meeting
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